Ogilvy & Mather boss Paul O'Donnell says a UK exit from the European Union - a real possibility when voters weigh in this summer - would be bad for business, bad for advertising and send talent elsewhere. 

And if a so-called Brexit comes to pass, he'd opt not to invest further in his UK operations.

That's a bit further than I can go - I don't own our business, after all, and I'd need to continue our discussions with clients and our people on the implications of a Brexit, but I share his concerns for our agency here and the wider PR industry. 

Britain, and more specifically London, has long been the hub international PR for a few unique reasons: 

  • English as the mother tongue of business
  • an abundance of creative, educated talent
  • a globally friendly time zone
  • heritage of innovative consultancies and agencies 
  • an alternative to New York
  • a deeply ingrained international mind-set

It's also seen as a natural gateway for US (still the biggest global PR market) and Asian multinationals into Europe. 

Now, would exiting the European Union jeopardise any these assets immediately? Probably not. 

But it could raise uncertainty, at precisely the moment when other global centres are rising as alternatives for a new generation of creative talent and business innovation - Berlin, Hong Kong, Amsterdam or Sydney to name but a few. 

There's enough risk in the world without us inventing it ourselves.