It's been really interesting over the last 2 weeks watching The UK Government's strategy to influence voting behaviour in the upcoming EU referendum. Whether you like the approach or not, there are some useful lessons for change leaders in organisations. They stated their case and their vision clearly in a white paper, drew on 'subject matter experts' from the Treasury and HMRC to answer specific questions and culminated in a master stroke of social influence from a credible external source (it doesn't get much bigger than the leader of the free world!) to support their case. Don't take our word for it, listen to Obama saying he's not interested in the UK outside of Europe! Whatever you think of brexit, this behavioural influence strategy has left the Leave campaigners flailing and resorting to desperate tactics, leaving voters more clear than ever that our economy will suffer if we leave the EU. We only have lead change inside the walls of organisations but these lessons are easily applicable to drive influence and thinking that supports your strategic direction.