I am rarely bored. There is always something stimulating to do or to participate in. You can make any situation engaging if you try!

So I was surprised to read this article that states "up to half of us are “often bored” at home or at school, while more than two- thirds of us are chronically bored at work."

The answer to addressing boredom isn't necessarily more forms of stimulation, but finding the right stimulation. Challenge yourself to come up with new ideas for how to do things at work, no matter how small. Give yourself personal projects in the home, or pick up a new hobby. 

The answer to addressing boredom is with each of us individually. But are there things we could be doing in the workplace to address 'chronic boredom'? More specific and challenging objectives that are short-term in focus, more opportunities to voice opinions, clear expectations from (shorter more focused) meetings, more opportunities to get away from our desks and really think about what we are trying to achieve.

Life is too short to spend large chunks of it bored, especially when there is so much to do to make the world a better place.