Friend and London colleague Saska Graville offers great advice in the article below to those looking to get ahead in the media business (or business in general):  find role models who are authentic, confident and nice.  And with good taste in shoes. 

For a lot of aspiring PR consultants, though, the challenge is getting a foot in the door in the first place. 

Here's what I suggest when the questions comes up when speaking to students (and it always comes up when speaking to students):

  1. Make something social.  A blog, a themed Instagram feed, a pod cast, an attentive Twitter account.  Doesn't have to be on PR - in fact it can be on anything that interests you (check out this fashion blog from a woman who's now one of our US summer fellows: - anything that shows you're willing to wade out into the social media waters.
  2. Listen, connect and engage.  Want to work in an agency or for a particular company? Follow their social channels, find out what they're talking about and contribute to the conversation.  
  3. Get out there and introduce yourself/your work. Find professionals online you respect and when you've got something your proud of and that relates to their work (even tangentially)  - a class project, your final dissertation, some research - send it over for any feedback they're willing to provide.  Some won't bother to reply, but many will - and they're not likely to find your work on their own.