It is a smart move by Sir Philip Green to agree to appear in front of the work and pensions committee. Firstly , It signals his confidence in his side of the story in terms of what has happened at BHS. Secondly, it ensures that there isn't a vacuum for others to exaggerate and speculate on Green's motivations and actions. And thirdly, it shows respect for the committee, and for the BHS employees who face so much uncertainty at this time.

We will have to wait and see how Sir Philip Green performs on the day and what the aftermath will hold for him and his wife. However, this is a confident move that I believe will serve him well.

Many companies, and senior executives, are terrified of 'showing up' in parliament or in the media. More fearful of getting a word wrong, being bamboozled by a clever MP or journalist, or saying something the lawyers frown upon, executives and companies forget that when there is a vacuum of information - other people will fill it.

With the right training and preparation, and a clear narrative outlining events, companies and executives who show up are usually more respected and set themselves and their company up for recovery and future success.