This is going to sound harsh, but it needs to be said.

There are two kinds of PR people today.  Those who tweet, and those who don't, and those who don't are going to find it hard to keep up with those who do. 

Those who use Twitter regularly say it's indispensable to their daily work, offering: faster access to breaking news, better insight into client industries and customer segments, and a useful network of interesting, inspiring and informative people and resources.

I wouldn't reject a job applicant if he or she said they weren't on Twitter, but I'd lean to those who are. 

Now, those who don't use it have their reasons, too: it's hard to use at first, it's yet another distraction and it's hard to find the right people to follow, beyond a few celebrities or gossip sites. 

On that last part, at least, the platform is working to make it easier to find useful, relevant contacts through a new feature called Connect, launched this week (details below).

Go on, give it a try.