I'm walking a fine line here.

The article below compares clients and parent companies in ways that are a little bit uncomfortable for those of us working for both...but which probably means we should pay attention. 

The rise of management consultancies and tech companies as major marketing and creative services providers is undeniably reshaping our industry, shifting its centre of gravity towards data and technology and, arguably, away from creativity. 

I don't see it so much as a war or zero-sum game between the techies and the creatives, however, but a gradual convergence that will eventually have management consultancies looking a lot more like creative agencies (they're trying their hardest already at places like the Cannes creative festival and SXSW), and the 'legacy' agencies are acquiring technology assets as fast as they can.

Some will lean to one side of the spectrum, some to the other - but the bulk will find ways to offer talent, clients and investors something close to the best of both.  

And that's probably a good thing.