I thought the Tories were dead in Scotland. Not in my lifetime did I expect to see a Tory surge, yet here we are.

Scottish politics has changed forever, and the Scottish electorate are segmenting in interesting ways. 

What should the Labour response be? Swinging left hasn't worked. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result would be madness! 

Labour, in Scotland and in the rest of the UK, needs to do three critical things:

- restate their vision for a modern Scotland and a modern Britain based on their deep commitment to social democracy, prosperity, and fairness

- develop simple clear policies that reflect that vision and focus on education, health and the economy

- have Leaders that can clearly articulate and execute that vision throughout the UK

It is going to be a long path back for Labour in Scotland, and it is quite possible that it is not ever going to be possible, but I have to believe that if the Tories can make a come-back in Scotland then Labour certainly can.