Knowing when to call time on a project or wind up a work stream will be one of the toughest decisions any manager will have to make. 

Take 'The New Day', Britain's latest national newspaper which shut up shop only 10 weeks after it released its first copy. 

At a time when British mainstream newspapers are being crippled by the competition from free to read news online, it was a brave, if not misguided decision for the team behind 'The New Day' to think that they could break the mold where others had failed.  

But it is human nature having designed a plan of action and identified the objective to want to see it through - even though experience, gut instinct and a chorus of sirens may telling you that it's not going to work out. 

All projects and work streams have a finite life cycle. Some are successful, some are not, but knowing when to pull the plug is equally as important as defining what success should look like. 

Jonathan Hillman,  a policy adviser at the Office of the US Trade Representative has spoken of the 'art of strategic quitting' and the importance of setting out not only clear timelines and objectives but also a planned process to wind down projects if required. 

Soldiering on may demonstrate a level of tenacity, but more than often success will be measured by facing up to a changing landscape and acting accordingly.