It's the Google I/O developer conference at Google HQ this week. Here's what I reckon we'll see announced.

Predictions are a fool’s game. What have I missed.You can score me on Wednesday evening after the keynote.

#1 Google Cardboard

Worldwide rollout, new tools

#2 Google Maps

Extensions for inside public spaces, airports, conference centres etc.

#3 Roadmap for Chrome/Android integration

My personal view is that the chrome browser is a Trojan horse OS for Apple/Microsoft hardware (listen to this week's TWIG, spot on IMHO).

#4 Roadmap for Google+ and photos

What's Google's plans for its social network?

#5 NEST (as above)

No innovation or new products since Google acquisition three years ago.

#6 Reality (but not as we know it)

Massive push on augmented and virtual reality, expect announcement from YouTube as content platform.

#7 YouTube/Google television

Bright lights and lots of hope after Apple flop, but waiting on US regulators to unlock cable/telco market before going big.

#8 Search

Reward for speed (publishers that use AMP) and deeper integration of paid and organic within Google interface