A really interesting post from The Grocer made me think, they asked with many of us only changing our banks every 17 years, imagine if customers behaved the same way when it came to their supermarket? Pretty much the holy grail for retailers, this post talks about changing the nature of how retailers provide grocery items for family shopping and I find it quite clever. They're right, many family shoppers don't deviate much from their favourite tried and tested foods week by week, they have a weekly staple shopping list. I like the way in the strive for profitable growth The Grocer is challenging retailers to think beyond discounts and reward the effort shoppers put into feeding the family. They ask what if retailers were paid a set amount each month to feed the family, they argue much of the supply chain could be planned in advance, reduction in waste, less mark down etc. Win win for retailers surely? It will be one to watch especially with the top online retailers starting down this road.