Floating stuff down the River Thames in London is a well worn public relations stunt. 

As a means of public engagement it's attention grabbing and makes for a great, er, splash in the media.

But I'd challenge anyone to demonstrate return on investment without sustained activity.

Here's ten items that brands have floated down the River Thames in the last decade or so.

1. Duck, Jackpotjoy.com, 2012

2. Hippo, Thames Festival, 2014

3. Monkey, PG Tips, 2016

4. Polar bear & iceberg, Eden (TV channel) 2009

5. House, AirBnB, 2015

6. Olympic rings, Olympics, 2012

7. Dyson vacuum ball, Dyson, 2005

8. Lotto balls, National Lottery, 2013

9. Floating Bed, Pink Floyd, 1998

10. Michael Jackson statue, 1995