People who make their livings measuring and evaluating communications programs are meeting shortly in London to discuss, well, measuring and evaluating communications programs.

I don't make my living this way but I do recognize the importance of the contributions of those who do to the wider field of PR/communications: basing our strategies on real data and measuring our impact in actual business terms are two areas that could be generally improved in the industry.

At past AMEC (they put the show together) conferences I have encouraged agencies to support AMEC activities like promoting the Barcelona principles and making measurement as important in practice as it is in theory.

No doubt I'll do the same this year.

I'll also suggest we get specific. We need case studies and real world examples on how measurement has improved the direction and outcomes of campaigns, on how to price evaluation models in the 'upfront' budgets and maybe an overall look at how to connect measurement as a driver of effectiveness, rather than as a mere reflection of it.