Interesting article from the institute of PR research group where they have created a model to help develop Organizational clarity around 3 dimensions: Job, Strategy and Market. I would add a fourth dimension of culture, which is probably inherent in the detail of this model but it's an important enough factor to call it out explicitly. 

We have all heard the idiom that 'culture eats strategy for breakfast'. I draw heavily on the strategic alignment work developed by Norman Chorn, who argues that effectiveness of your organisation is driven by alignment across customers, strategy, culture and leadership. Leadership are of course key players and alignment across that level is often the biggest issue. Our job is to help them see the impact of that and behave accordingly. 

There is little chance of Organizational clarity if there isn't clarity at leadership team level. Leaders are guardians of and beacons for the culture (or cultures) in their organisation and they have many levers and decisions they can use to be clear about 'what works around here and what doesn't'. This has got to be in line with delivering a strategy that in turn meets customer needs.Again the trouble is agreement and alignment, leading to inconsistency in action. 

Often our job as OD consultants/practitioners is one of simple definition and explaining the link between purpose, values, strategy and behavioural guides. So I would argue that without a clear and strong set of cultural rules and beacons to guide people, Organizational clarity is very difficult to achieve.

Well worth a read.