About this time each year I'm approached by university students looking for advice on how to differentiate themselves from their classmates in the scramble for agency employment. Most are friendly and earnest, but a little passive: "could you take a look at my CV / résumé?"

But Marcel Klebba, entering his last year at Westminster, took an approach I think will serve him well - and maybe offer an approach for others:

First, he dived into the PR social media community, listened to the conversations, and identified individuals to engage. Purposeful networking.

Second, he started writing things of interest to his peers and the wider industry. Below is a blog on job prospects for PR students following the Brexit. Creating content of value to others.

And third, he shared his writing in person and on social media, which takes some guts but, when done sincerely, helps distinguish himself by offering something useful to others, which in turn grows his network. Sharing.

Can't suggest a better process than this: network, create, share and network some more.