Coca-Cola have announced that they’ll be sourcing more locally grown fruit to produce their products in India. They’ve already piloted an appetising sounding Fanta Green Mango with over 10% real juice. Judging by my meagre vegetable patch, the UK roll out will bring us Courgette Cola. Not quite so enticing, but by the time the product development team have gone to work, the concept will be much improved. Because the shift to more sustainable products, in the hands of smart brands, is a catalyst to creativity.

Back in January, at Davos, our client Head & Shoulders announced the launch of a bottle made from plastic recovered from beaches. The bottle looks completely different – it has to, because creating a bottle that’s both recycled and recyclable using beach plastic is a technical challenge. Head & Shoulders is fortunate to have a brand leader with the vision to step out of the brand norms when it makes sense – and the result is a great limited edition. It’s distinctive, it raises awareness of an important issue and it will make an impact.

The move towards a circular economy isn’t easy, but it’s an opportunity and if there’s a brief any time soon for Courgette Cola, or Parsnip Pepsi, I’ll be happy for it to land on my desk.