Interesting discussion in the FT last week. Anthony Carey, Mazars, in response to Andrew Hill's article 'Bonuses are the enemy of progress',  made a good point in his letter to the editor about how bonus schemes impact culture and that boards should be more intentional about the culture they want to create and therefore the bonuses they award. 

Bonuses send a powerful message to the organisation about what is valued - is it simply seniority and financial performance that lead to long term health of the business? More and more we understand that fair compensation is what's important - it's a hygiene factor that you have to get right. 

Research suggests that sustainable motivation (and resulting increases in productivity and profitability) comes more commonly from intrinsic factors such as purpose, autonomy over your work and your ability to improve and develop. 

If the FT are writing about culture you know it's rising up the corporate agenda. That gives me great hope.