This is a critical strategic challenge for the industry but I don't see much evidence of 'ecosystem management'. 

All Pharma companies are working on some type of patient-centricity programme, be it cosmetic or substantive. The goal is usually to help more HCPs understand the benefits of their treatment and prescribe more of it in order to help more patients - in most industries that would relate to customer-centricity. 

The specific route to that outcome is different in each market but it always involves a complex ecosystem of stakeholders that needs to align on a critical path before the goals are reached. 

Isn't it time that Pharma companies stepped back and looked at how they were organised and working together to manage such a complex ecosystem?

 Think of it as mission control in Cape Canaveral when launching a space mission or the Formula 1 Mercedes race team and pit crew analysing data on the pit lane and then making decisions each week that help win world championships. Everyone has a specific role and everyone must pull together in harmony, managed from the centre with total alignment on specific goals. Only when the sub-teams are working together at the centre in real time, with the same information, making collective decisions, can they stand a chance of putting the team performance together to compete effectively. 

Of course, this will require a brave new course of leadership and a different way of organising teams but a more holistic and collaborative approach, managed with timely data available in control centres, has got to be worth a try?