I've never been described as a wild and crazy optimist.  Wild and crazy, on occasion.  Optimist, never.  Yet I can't help hoping that we're on the brink of a bricks and mortar revival.  

I've long felt that the massive bank of real estate in the big out of town sites can and should offer more experiential and socially supportive services.  But the there's also so much untapped potential in the High Street.  There's just one empty shop on my local High Street - that's a lot less than a few years ago. With a couple of anchor stores from the well known chains, independents are filling in the gaps and the ones that thrive are all focused on the experience they offer and their links to the community.  Put simply, they're worth the trip. 

This new move by Sonos is inspiring.  It's not a sales channel, it's a brand engagement and marketing tool.  It's not a store, it's an entertainment venue. This level of experience isn't viable across multiple sites with less traffic - but the principle applies.  

I hope it's a sign of things to come and, as a pessimist, I'm seldom disappointed.