Last week, while attending World Water Week with a sustainability client, I met some inspiring people and organisations. The Nature Conservancy, in particular, were very generous with their time and expertise. I came away with a new appreciation of the complexity of making real, lasting impact and the scale of change needed. 

As a communicator, I'm increasingly asked to motivate people to change - but  a a consumer, I realise what a big ask that is.    

Here's something that symbolises my dilemma - the Gin Genie. It's a reusable straw. It combines gin, puns and a Bowie reference - naturally, I want one. I don' need one. I can drink my gin without a straw, I've had a lot of practice. And yet.... if I'd not noticed the Gin Genie or read The Independent's round up seductive sustainable spending opportunities, maybe I'd still be reaching carelessly for the plastic straws. Even while we need to consume less, we need brands and their communication to bring home the message. So is the Gin Genie a go-go, will it make everything taste right? I think I'll order and find out.