The ultimate expression of commercial appeal - Simon Fuller's new band is bypassing streaming and concert revenue and going straight to commercial tie-ups for income.  

Their first live shows were just this month - but they already have a three year deal with Unilever. Apparently, they'll be staying fresh with Sure whilst expressing the joy of dance. They're being paid to wear Tommy Hilfiger and their YouTube content's filmed on Samsung devices. There are 14 of them, from 14 different companies and they'll be cycled in and out to ensure local relevance over time. 

They all look very perky, but it leaves me more depressed than Morrisey at a hog roast.  

At least Wikipedia's algorithm has worked out that Now United's Wikipedia page "contains content that is written like an advertisement". 

I shouldn't be so cynical, of course.  We wouldn't have soap operas if they hadn't been invented by the soap companies and I wouldn't be the fashion icon I am today without Birds of a Feather.